Benefits Of Using Picote Cutter

Benefits Of Using Picote Cutter

We all must have heard of the words Picote cutter or pitch fiber drains, but not many of us are sure about what they are, what their relevance is, and the benefits of using them. Here we are going to discuss it in length, so keep reading.

The cutter that is generally helpful in cleaning the drains is Picote Cutter and is usually attached to a robot for easy mobility. This cutter can go through almost all pipes in drains, even if it is highly problematic. The cutter operator can manage the cutter in the drain with the help of a robotic camera.

The Picote cutter is safe and reliable for any pipe imperfections, tree roots, scale build-up, or other lead materials.

Accessories Of Picote Cutter

The accessories are used to experience the potential of the Picote cutter fully. These are:

  • Range Of Maxi Power Plus Cutter: This cutter is usually lightweight and can work faster than other cutters due to its faster cutting abilities.
  • The Twister Range: It can connect the drains and efficiently work on clay, iron, or plastics. It has other forms like twister mini or express type, and all of these have their specializations.
  • Maxi Miller Twister Range: This is considerably faster than the traditional Picote Cutters.

The Way It Works

The Picote Cutter Is Quite Efficient And Helpful In Cleaning The Drain. It Helps In Cleaning By:

  • This tool indeed cuts through things and cleans the drains by clearing the nails, tree roots, debris, and almost anything that can be removed with its water jet blast.
  • It fixes on almost every space due to its high flexibility.
  • It can work with any material, be it plastic or clay.
  • The Picote cutter is also budget-friendly, as it does not spend much on training fees.

The Picote Mini Cutter

This cutter is used for high speed added with efficient cleaning. It can remove even the toughest blocks easily and can go through pipes of all sizes.

Here Is A List Of Primary Advantages It Offers:

  • High Flexibility: The mini cutter can cut through pipes of almost any size.
  • Flame And Chemical Resistant: The mini pitch fibre drains picote cutter uses a unique technology that helps them move across the pipes without causing them any damage.
  • Easily Cut Through Blocks: The cutter can cut through almost all the blocks, regardless of how tough it is.
  • Customizable: The cutter can be easily customized according to needs. Hence, its performance gets better with the use of accessories.

Uses Of Picote Mini Cutter

The Picote Mini Cutter Can Be Used For:

  • Drain Cleaning With High Speed.
  • Removal Of Any Blockage.
  • Internal Pipe Coating
  • Descaling Of Pipes.

The Picote cutter and its various types can be used for effective drain cleaning at high speed and less time, adding that it is also budget-friendly. This cutter can reach and clean almost all types of drains within a short period.