Deutsche Wirtschafts Nachrichten is the first German magazine to accept Bitcoin donations

You can think any way you like about the German economic news, but when it comes to Bitcoin, its reporting is unfortunately often more serious than that of most of the major German media. The DWN even does their own research, while the daily newspapers usually wait for the dpa to publish a report, which is then copied and garnished with a few old nags like Mt. Gox and Kollaps und Blase. Now the German business news has announced that it will accept Bitcoins as donations after many readers have asked for it.

The web magazine, which according to its own statements independently and freely advocates a liberal democracy, is the first major magazine to accept donations in Bitcoin. So far, this has mainly been possible on the popular blog While writes on the edge of attention with an Alexa Germany ranking of 5,000 and a few squashed people, Deutsche Wirtschaftsnachrichten is even a place ahead of the established taz with rank 294. From now on, a small orange button will appear under each article in Deutsche Wirtschafts Nachrichten, which you can use to donate via coinbase. Whether the magazine will keep the bitcoins or immediately exchange them for euros will not be revealed. Interesting crypto news can be found here and understand the world of bitcoin

Bitcoin is a strange problem for most media.On the one hand, the Magic Internet Money stimulates the curiosity of professionally curious journalists, and virtual currencies could be a long-term blessing for the media plagued by financial bottlenecks, as they could create an executable model for paid content, which would make the media completely financial Dependence on advertising and app stores. On the other hand, Bitcoin is a profoundly political and socially disruptive phenomenon, at which serious media rightly cast a critical and neutral look. But why they completely forget to consider the potential of virtual currencies like Bitcoin at all – also and especially for their own industry – it remains just as unclear as why they accept a virtual currency for donations with a political concession to them confound.

With so many ways to send and receive bitcoin instantly, bitcoins are becoming globally acceptable.