Jack Martin Waistcoats

Waistcoats may be considered a nonessential clothing element, but they are one of those items which can elevate your fashion game. A piece of clothing that is classified as a luxury and not owned by many. But if you have even one waistcoat, you can pull it with many suits. It will compete with your appearance and make your suit look more classy and elegant. I have recently discovered an online menswear store that offers men’s waistcoats with a unique design called Jack Martin Menswear.

Pulling a perfect look demands perfect attire. One which fits you well, not too loose nor too fit. Having good color contrast and matching stuff. The same goes for the waistcoat. It has certain “waistcoat rules.” It is essential to make the right choices when wearing a waistcoat. A tweed waistcoat should be worn beneath a tweed jacket. When it comes to fitting, a good waistcoat has high armholes and fits perfectly around your shoulders and torso. A perfect fit means no pulling of fabric at front or back. All in all, select the waistcoat that looks “made for you.”

If worn properly, the waistcoat can give you a perfect dapper look. One of the biggest fashion failures of the waistcoat is keeping it unbuttoned. It will ruin your look. It follows the rules of a men’s suit jacket, i.e., keep the last button open. It will prevent you from pulling while lifting your arms up. All buttons other than the last one must be buttoned to ensure a perfect look.

There are many of you who wonder when to wear a waistcoat. The rule is simple: complement it with a waistcoat when you wear a suit. The next big question that many wonders is how to wear them. A simple way is to pair it with a similar texture. For a wool or denim suit, you can choose a tweed waistcoat. It will go well with them. However, for beginners, you should prefer a tweed waistcoat under a tweed jacket. It’s all about feeling confident in whatever you wear. Once you gain confidence with it, you can experiment with it with various textures and colors too.

If you are someone who isn’t into suits, don’t worry. You can still wear a waistcoat. Lighter waistcoats are your go-to option. They are made up of wood/linen blends or cotton. They look amazing, even without a jacket. But remember to wear these with a long sleeve shirt and denim jeans, or you can choose a pair of chinos too.