Top 5 Literacy Games for Kids

We all know that language is one of the essential parts of our daily lives. So, it is important to learn and know the basics of it, but for young kids, it might be challenging to learn the basics at an early age. Some parents enforce it on their kids as a thing to be taught, which makes kids avoid writing and reading both together. For the child’s overall development, literacy development forms a crucial part. To develop the child’s literacy skills, kids can engage themselves in activities like singing, talking, storytelling, reading and writing. For young kids and babies try sound games, nursery rhymes, rhythm and repetition. Kids studying in school can look for words in signs, billboards and supermarket items. Always keep on encouraging your kids to try writing words.

Literacy development is considered the foundation for performing well at school. It also teaches kids to socialize with others, making decisions, problem-solving, managing money and becoming independent. The great ways to lay a strong foundation of literacy is by playing sound and word games, singing, writing and drawing. Kids can also enhance their literacy skills while doing daily activities like bathing, having meals, etc. Literacy activities will not take much time, five minutes every day is enough.

Parents and teachers can make literacy learning more enjoyable by introducing themselves to literacy games for kids. Reading games are available for kindergarten kids that can help your kids learn the very same concepts in an entertaining way. It will keep them engaging and interested to know a language better. The key is to use different times and opportunities to help your child learn.

5 Literacy Games That You Can Try At Home

It is not necessary to always make reading games more complicated or boring. Below, we have mentioned five easy and simple games that kids can start playing with minimal resources. Kids will love playing these games.

1. Play the Game ‘I Spy’

It is one of the oldest games but a useful one to make your kids develop literacy skills. In this game, just pick up any object and explain it by describing the colour or using the first letter of the object. Start with the alphabets or use the rainbow colours.

2. Alternate Reading

This activity is quite simpler and easier. Parents can use the technique of alternate reading paragraphs or pages to keep them engrossed in the storyline. By using this technique, kids can expand their vocabulary and get to learn how to pronounce new words.

3. Prepare Grocery List

Take the help of your kid while preparing the grocery list which is considered a great weekly activity. It will help them to understand the importance of practical application for writing. Once they finish preparing the grocery list ask your kid to read it aloud at the store.

4. Play Scavenger Hunting

By taking your kids help compile a list of items to photograph or collect such as a flower, a stick or dirt. Playing this game in your backyard or at a local park, will give your kid enough time limit so that they can return with the items they’ve found.

5. Prepare DIY literacy game

Try to prepare a DIY literacy game that requires a bit of effort but are generally hassle-free. But make sure that you keep your child’s vocabulary or spelling list handy. You can also look online for DIY literacy games according to the appropriate age group.

It is not a tough job to put together some interesting reading activities for preschoolers. Just need to know the basics of your kids that they need to learn. Kids should utilize these activities efficiently which will help them to be well-prepared to handle the requirements of the school curriculum. So, from a very young age, kids learning should be associated with literacy games. It is the duty of parents as well as teachers to make their children learn literacy skills and be fluent related to the terminologies of literacy.