Vital Information About CCTV Drain Survey

The in-depth inspection of the drainage system through a high-tech CCTV camera inserted on the drains is known as a CCTV drain survey. The system is quite helpful to maintain the drain in good condition for a longer time.

In this thread, we are going to discuss the vital information of the CCTV Drain survey.

The CCTV drainage survey and helping to maintain the drains longer also helps to survey the drainage system and its situation before purchasing a new house. And providing the overview helps to observe if any repair is required.

This system allows the buyers to get complete information about the drainage system and then make their decision. In addition, it can find the core factor of any drainage issues when the owners find it challenging to find the causes of the problems.

Equipment Used For The Survey

When arranged for a London CCTV drain survey CCTV drainage survey, the technicians come with tools or equipment to conduct the survey. The information about the equipment are

·        Access Rods

The rods are used to push the cameras along the drains, which helps the technicians to navigate every part. These are used in the survey due to higher flexibility.

·        Waterproof Cameras

These cameras provide the technicians with a clear image of the drains and observe every drain part. These cameras are designed to operate in closed spaces and underwater.

·        Crawlers

The crawlers are remote controlled, provide visual access to the system, and move even in obstructed pipes.

·        Sonar Units

These are generally used in the pipes where visual access is blocked due to overfilled pipes and helps gain insight into the pipe’s condition.

Process Of The Survey

The process involved in carrying out a CCTV drain survey.

  • Arranging a survey by calling the team of the London CCTV drain survey.
  • The Technicians will arrive at the stipulated time and discuss all the drainage issues before starting the process.
  • The Technicians or engineers will then insert the CCTV cameras using the equipment after observing the drainage system.
  • With the cameras, the engineer will identify and observe any issues found in the drains.
  • The engineers will then report this to the owner and start repairing it after their suggestion.

Benefits Of The Survey

After reading all the process and everything, a general question may arise, like What is the benefit of the survey? Or, what does this survey cover? The answer is that this survey system can help fix any issue related to the drain system. This will help to find

  • Blockages
  • Causes Behind Leaks In Pipes
  • Corrosion
  • Collapsed Drains

A CCTV drain survey has many advantages as it helps to find out the root causes of the drains and helps fix these issues, which helps to save money ultimately. Hence, the overall CCTV drain survey is very beneficial to use, and people should make ample use of it to reap the benefits.